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Cam-shield™ Desciption

Cam-shield™ Desciption

GOT ZINC?  Your classic car or hot rod engine wishes you did.

Protect your Investment - protect your classic car engine!

Why is Cam-shield™ brand anti-wear additive with premium ZDDP the BEST in the industry?

Cam-shield™ is designed to be UN-BEATABLE!

  • BEST cost per treatment dose!
  • HIGHEST ZDDP concentration (1/4 ounce of Cam-shield™ delivers 800 ppm up-treat to a quart of oil; ounce delivers 1600 ppm up-treat GUARANTEED ANALYSIS !)
  • Anti-wear protection across engine's ENTIRE temperature range (proprietary blend of primary and secondary ZDDP for cold and hot engine protection)
  • BEST ability to maintain the performance integrity of your favorite engine oil - only a very small quantity of Cam-shield™ is needed to upgrade your engine oil
  • UNPARALLED use experience (measure exactly what is needed for your exact oil volume and provide top-up treat capability as well)
  • Cam-shield™ was designed by a Senior Field Test and Racing Oil Engineer from a MAJOR oil company

Cam-Shield™ brand anti-wear additive is a premium concentrated ZDDP product that is designed to protect classic car engines, particularly camshafts and valve trains in flat tappet cam engines. Anti-wear protection for hot and cold engine operation is provided by Cam-Shield's™ proprietary blend of primary and secondary ZDDP. Cam-Shield™ brand anti-wear additive is perfect for use in classic cars, historic cars, muscle cars, hot rods, and performance vehicles that require high levels of ZDDP anti-wear protection.

Cam-shield's™ unique bottle allows the user to treat their exact oil volume at oil change time or for top-off between oil changes. Cam-shield™ is the most concentrated ZDDP anti-wear engine oil treatment available on the market, thus allowing the user the option to treat their favorite engine oil for either break-in of a new cam or for normal engine operation or for racing; without diluting the performance integrity of their engine oil. For cam break-in and racing, ½ ounce of Cam-shield™ is added to your favorite conventional or synthetic engine oil. For normal engine operation, only ¼ ounce of Cam-shield™ is need per quart of engine oil.

Cam-shield™ is available in two sizes. The 4 ounce Consumer size treats from 8 to 16 quarts of your favorite engine oil (8 quarts of oil at break-in concentration, 16 quarts of oil at normal engine operation concentration) and retails for $13.95. The 8 ounce Professional size of Cam-shield™ treats from 16 to 32 quarts of your favorite engine oil (16 quarts at break-in concentration, 32 for normal operation) and retails for $21.95.

Cam-shield™ was designed by a senior race oil and field test engineer from a major engine oil company using the same proven anti-wear technology in his top professional level race oils and street oils. Cam-shield™ contains a proprietary mixture of primary and secondary ZDDP for full temperature range (cold start to hot operation) anti-wear protection of your classic car's flat tappet cam and lifters.

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