What is Cam-Shield?

Cam-Shield® is THE premium, super concentrated ZDDP (Zinc) anti-wear engine oil additive. Cam-Shield® protects racing engines against wear, especially:
• Camshafts
• Valve Train Components (lifters, followers, pushrod ends, rocker cups and tips)
• Piston Ring and Cylinder Liner contact area

Why Do I Need Cam-Shield

ZDDP anti-wear chemistry is required in all engine oils to protect valve train components and other metal surfaces from wearing. The amount of ZDDP required is infl uenced by both valve spring pressure and engine rpm. Racing engines with high valve spring pressures and high operating speeds require elevated levels of ZDDP anti-wear protection. Today’s passenger car engine oils and the vast majority of racing oils do not contain enough ZDDP for proper engine protection in high performance applications. Cam-Shield® is super concentrated so that only a small amount is needed to treat your oil for racing or new cam break-in.

Doesn’t my racing oil contain enough anti-wear capability?

The truth is, the majority of mass produced racing oils have moderate levels of ZDDP anti-wear chemistry. To properly protect your engine from wear associated with all-out racing, and to increase the anti-wear capability of your racing oil, you need Cam-Shield®.

What about breaking in my new cam?

Break-in is actually a controled wear process and requires the highest levels of ZDDP anti-wear (around 2500 ppm of ZDDP). Proper break-in helps to ensure cam longevity. Cam-Shield® added to a fully formulated oil of the correct type (SAE 30 viscosity, conventional oil is most common) creates an extremely eff ective break-in oil with important protective chemistries (corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants, anti-foam, dispersants, detergents) generally not assembled together in mass produced break-in oils.

Features and Benefits of Cam-Shield®?

• Super concentrated, does not dilute your engine oil, maintains the performance integrity of the oil.
• Treats for racing or new cam break-in
• Primary and Secondary ZDDP for cold start to hot operation protection
• Available in various bottle sizes to match your needs, and your customers needs
• Exact measure bottles (4oz and 8oz sizes) to treat your exact oil volume
• Exceptional value, exceptional performance
• Cam-shield® protects your investment
• Race Proven – NHRA, NASCAR, Indy, Formula 1, Race boat, Sports car